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Welcome to Internet Marketing with The Dressage Husband, this site is for people who are seriously interested in trying to earn their living from Internet Marketing, and the various methods by which they can do this.

There are no prior requirements for you to be able to do this and there is little cost involved. it is actually possible to earn a living using entirely free methods! However I am going to be discussing the methods and techniques that I actually use, and will be making these available to you through affiliate links.

The whole purpose of this site is to help you my readers to achieve your Internet Marketing goals as quickly and easily as possible. Since you will all be at different stages in the long process of learning, each will require different things and the best way to get the right answer is to ask. Asking is not a sign of ignorance it is rather a sign of the intelligence to realize that someone else may have been in the same place as you are in now, but has already found the answer.

I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and if you join through one of my links please remember to Private Message me (The Dressage Husband) once you arrive, I will get a notification but I do not always remember to check that part of the site. Starter Membership is now FREE so no excuses for not at least trying! If you provide your details here I will get an E mail to let me know you joined:-


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Please add any comments or ask questions you may have below, providing that they relate to Internet Marketing. Now click the banner link below and grab your FREE trial! Make sure you set up your free sites following the directions on the site!

8 comments on “Home
  1. stephen says:

    Hi Steve, I am also Stephen and a fellow WA member and just thought I would pop over and check out your site. I love it, it is well made with plenty of educational content, well done, and may it bring you plenty of success and regular followers.

  2. Stephen Parkin says:

    Thanks Stephen I appreciate the feedback and for anyone with doubts, here is my breakfast post from my WA Blog for today Thursday 3 March 2011

    A $350 Breakfast

    “I just finished up cleaning out my horses after breakfast and my wife tells me we have a Sale from the Jane Savoie site I have on Squidoo.

    “This email is to notify you that you have made a sale.

    You have earned $332.00 in commission for this sale, which was placed by (removed for privacy reasons)

    This will be added to your total commissions for this month.”

    So I check it out and I also have one from WA:-

    Congratulations Stephen,

    You’ve just made a Wealthy Affiliate commission. You can check the details of your commission by logging into your WealthyAffiliate.com membership and opening your affiliate control panel.

    Sale details:
    Commission from this sale: $22.5
    Order ID: S-55U71839C6677080X
    Date & Time: 03/02/201118:15:52


    Kyle & Carson
    The Wealthy Affiliates

    Not bad in the time for a juice coffee and 2 slices of toast eh? It could just as well be any of you! So stop procrastinating and blogging and get going on the 30 Day WA Clubs and no more excuses!

  3. Hi Steve I like your site page, it is quite simple and to the point. it is awesome that you are bring income to boot. keep up the good works man. I’ll be watching you.
    Thanks Cacaoboy

  4. Hi Stephen, haven’t seen you around WA recently, how are things going? Saw a comment of yours on Rick’s website blogging for boomers, and thought that I would have a look at your site.

    I also have a squidoo presence, am not yet a Giant Squid 🙁 , guess I am a bit torn about how best to use squidoo!

    I wonder if you would not mind having a quick look at my site and give me a little feedback.

    Congrats on your sales mentioned above in the comments, trust that you have had many more since then.

    All the Best

    David {WA: fisheagle}

    • Well I should spend more time at WA, but running a horse stable takes most of my time so I am a bit lax. I keep getting the odd sale just not enough to retire on yet! LOL

  5. Jeremy says:

    It’s great to read your post about earning commissions, it really gives me hope and the drive to keep going! Here’s to being able to retire when you want.

  6. Hi
    I thought your site was really interesting and plan to come and spend some more time on it to learn more from you. Thanks


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