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There are a lot of people in the world who for no fault of their own are finding that they need to either work at home or need to make money from home. It appears that there is an ever increasing trend amongst employers to hire on a permanent part time basis, whatever that may mean.

There are also a lot of jobs that are either commission only or like one I had that pay a rate set by the employer and outside of the control of the worker. Conveniently these jobs are classified as `independent contractors` when in actual fact they are anything but. By being classified this way the job nicely bypasses all of the employment labor law rights, while at the same time removing the right of the independent contractor to actually set his or her own rates and times of working. I am from Canada and it is illegal under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (S15 was even amended in 1983 to prevent the Provincial legislators from being exempt) to create an underprivileged class of Canadians and yet that is exactly what this type of job achieves!

In my case I was working as a newspaper deliverer and the per paper rate was set so low that it did not even allow me to make a profit from the round, let alone pay for the required driver to cover should I be sick or need time off. I ended up being fired for “lack of service” after missing two nights due to snow storms. I had refused to go out after being hit head on by a truck on my side of the highway a month or two earlier in a similar storm. It should be noted that following that accident my wife called the Mounties for help and they were not driving that night and I was abandoned until 6:30 the following day in -24 weather and no heat in the car as the battery and radiator were destroyed in the accident. I nearly died due to exposure and the only concern of the employer was that I did not deliver the papers and they could have fired me for that!

I appealed to Occupational Health and Safety and Labour Standards to uphold my rights arguing that if I was an employee then they could not fire me for not going out in inclement weather. Your rights being protected under the Act. If I was an independent contractor then they had no right to dictate to me as it was solely my decision to make and I could deliver at my own time later, (try telling a plumber or electrician when to call!). I lost on both accounts as the company hired an expensive lawyer to argue black was white and the review panels bought in. Slave labour survives and we thought it had been abolished at the turn of the last century!

So whatever the reason you need to work at home I understand it may not have been your fault nor your natural desire. There is however good news, you can make money from home and all you need is an Internet connected computer and the desire to succeed.

I have joined the Wealthy Affiliate and this is a members only club that for a low monthly fee offers all of the training and tools that you need in order to make money from home with your own Internet Marketing Business. The best part is that there are no qualifications required other than the desire to succeed and the ability to work in a focused manner. If you follow the getting started course that you find there and follow up by completing the Bootcamp Course I can almost guarantee that you will make Sales, and then all you will need to do is continue working in the manner taught, and adding new niches on a regular basis and you will be a success.

In fact we are so confident that you will like it that we let you use the entire system free for as long as you like with no obligation to buy, of course you will need to belong for quite awhile to get the full benefit, but you can try before you buy. You will not be disappointed. Your first two sites can be set up and hosted there for free, no time limit!

The process is empowering and rewarding, there are no limits to what can be achieved. This is not for everyone, but if you have motivation, a desire to succeed and 2 to 3 hours a day and are prepared to learn from your mistakes or from others that you will meet in the Forums, then there is no reason for anyone to fail. See you on the inside at Wealthy Affiliate. You can join for FREE then upgrade to Premium once you start to succeed.

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