Where Do I Begin Internet Marketing?

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One of the most common questions that newbies have is “Where do I begin Internet Marketing?” This is really a hard question to tackle, because the answer depends on so many factors, and not least of these is, what can you afford to pay to get set up?

Assuming, that like most people asking the question the biggest pressing need is income replacement, then there is no really good answer as some investment is, or will be, needed. However the largest investment is in time. Therefore I would suggest, if at all possible, that you start while still in employment and build your business to a point where it is functional, before you quit.

Following on from that the best free course is the 30 day challenge of Ed Dale (now, The Challenge and it takes 60 to 70 days!) the challenge will introduce you to all the latest tools and how they work. If you follow along you will end up with a site, and maybe your first sale or two, I did. After that I personally would not follow up with the Challenge Plus, nor the Edge as these courses require considerable further investment, which is fine if you can afford it, but if you are like me and most other marketers you will need to find a cheaper way of working, at least initially.

It is still possible to build your business for next to nothing, by using sites such as Squidoo, Blogger and Weebly. So I would suggest using Squidoo as they even provide Amazon, eBay and Cafe Press modules, which will initially give you a better rate of return than you would qualify for on your own. A word of warning here do not direct link from Squidoo to an affiliate marketing product. They have had a bad experience with spam and there are rules, which must be followed. Make sure that you always read the terms and conditions attached to the use of any sites, and ensure you follow them. These sites can and will delete your account, if they are notified of any violations by you.

For this reason alone, many Internet Marketers suggest that you have your own site and web hosting. You will always want to progress to this point to avoid having to constantly check on other peoples rules. Your own site is the only place that will be exempt of them.

For most beginners wanting their own site WordPress is the way to go, as it is quick to learn, and you can get many free widgets that help in Search Engine Optimization. Blogs are also easy to update and lend themselves to many of the top tools for automation. Also, WordPress is open source, so there are many programmers that develop themes and widgets that are free to use.

It is at this point that many new Internet Marketers start getting into trouble. This is because as soon as you start building sites, you look at what others are doing and you will be tempted by loads of free offers of help with this and help with that. The strings attached are the inevitable sales funnels, full of up-sells. While this may be great marketing practice by the vendors it does not help the poor strapped for cash newbie! Who is tempted to spend a small fortune on all the latest gimmicks!

There is simply so much to learn and way too much on offer, so I would suggest you skip all of that, just shut out all the guru advances and all of the spam offers and join Wealthy Affiliate. There is now a FREE Starter Membership  It is the best investment in your future that you can make period, and it will answer all your questions, and teach you the right way to go about things. You will also avoid many of the errors that others are making. You will even get direct tutoring from the founders, and you will have live messaging direct to them.

If you are still undecided check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review. This will answer many of your questions, and give you an idea of what is available there. I have the Premium membership, but it is OK if you can only go with the Free version, you can easily upgrade, when you have made enough money, just start Internet Marketing with the free methods until you are earning enough to apply.

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