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When we are designing our web pages for Internet Marketing we need to bear in mind that the person for whom we are designing, is the visitor, and not ourselves. Why is this so important to bear in mind? I am testing to see if you have read the rest of the site! It is all about relevance!

The relevance is the relevance to a potential buyer, these people are browsing the Internet looking for something, and it is that something that they will type into their browser. We as marketers have to:-

1. Identify niches that are being looked for.

2. Find keywords that relate to the niche and that the prospective customer may type closer to the buy point, that are also not too competitive.

3. Build landing pages to direct them to our, or our affiliate, site at which they make a decision, hopefully to buy. There may be another stage in that we may write articles to direct them to this point.

Our web design therefore applies to landing pages and our selling site. The landing page should (if possible) be kept above the fold (point at which you have to scroll to see the rest of the page) and keep their attention focused to click the link, to either our sales page, or that of our affiliate. We are not overly concerned with our affiliates site, as they will be attempting to maximize its appeal to their prospective clients (and ours too!). Although it is as well to check the site thoroughly before signing as an affiliate, we do not want to waste any of our hard work!

The design of our landing pages and sites should be as clean and uncluttered as we can make it. I have found that in WordPress, 2 column sites have more appeal than 3. it is sensible to keep items that need action to the left, in the banner position, or just above the fold. After that things are less likely to be clicked on, although some visitors seem to make a habit of scrolling to the bottom of pages before exiting so this can sometimes be an effective position for a last call to action (Buy now button, etc.).

Since most of us are not experienced graphic designers I suggest keeping things uncluttered and simple. Use text size variation in headings to attract attention and keep your copy writing direct and to the point. Add value and concentrate on benefits for the buyer, rather than technical specifications, unless you know that is what your customers like. I buy a car because it is economical not because it is cheap, or because it is more comfortable not because it is expensive, get the idea? I could go on — because it has overtaking power (I really do not care that it does 0-200 in 15 secs).

This is where our research comes in, and it is important to read magazines on our chosen topics, and to visit the forums, this is where we get our ideas from. We should also visit our competitors sites. All of the research shows us what is working for others, and we should take notes to try to see what we can improve on. This is a trial and error game, and we should keep testing to see if we have it right.

Of course if you have the funds you could outsource this to an expert, but I think it is as well to try for yourself, so that you can learn to recognize good work when you see it. Remember people will always be pleased to take your money, but you need to get what you want in return! That is an excellent thought for you to bear in mind as a guide to what you do – be relevant and over deliver. Finally you can use video and pictures as these speak for thousands of word, but be careful and ensure they are relevant to your topic or you could lose the visitor, and if they open in a window use a new one so that they can return to your site on finishing viewing it.

I hope that helps, have fun with your marketing.

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