Understanding Keywords

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It is very important for Internet Marketers to understand what exactly the use of the keyword is. It is actually used in slightly different ways in all aspects of our Marketing. When I am looking for something on the internet I will usually start with a general term, and gradually become more specific as I find what I am looking for, or not, as the case may be.

This is typical also of your customer, and also has an impact on the way that you set up your sites. In looking for your niche you will start with broad keywords such as Guitar, Horse, Motorbike etc. These keywords are general and will have high search volumes, but we do not want to compete in Google Adsense if there are 1,000’s of competitors and sites. So we choose a related term for which there is less competition, but which ideally includes the first keyword we thought of. Examples would be Yamaha Guitars, Dressage Horse, Honda Motorbike etc. These keywords would also be great to use in articles to point at more specific landing pages.

Then we could use C40 Yamaha Guitar, as a landing page from the article, or Dutch Warmblood Dressage Horse, or Honda V4 Cross tourer motorbike etc. Which keywords do you think the likely buyer is going to be searching on? Right! it will be the “long tailed” one we just used. In fact you can expand on this and add the words Buy, get or review etc. in front to even more finely target your prospects.

Which is better? to get a whole lot of traffic to your site, or a few highly targeted potential buyers? Think about this, and try to ensure that you apply logical thinking throughout your marketing funnels. You can look at the Article Marketing Process as either spinning a spiders web to try to get prospects to stick. Your articles, blogs and social media sites are all directing the prospect to your landing page, and finally the action of clicking the buy now button. This could also be regarded as a massive funnel affect. What I want you to think about is that you are directing them gently into the funnel or web, with the end aim of them taking action on your buy button. Once you can visualize the process in this way, then you will find that you are better able to sharply focus your efforts.

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I wish you, the best of luck, in your marketing efforts.

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