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Now that we have tried monetising our site with Skimlinks or Viglink it is time to test their capabilities. I have decided to take a look at something that is close to my heart, Sears lawn tractors.

I do not know if many people know this but the Sears tractors are fantastic value for the money as they are Husqvarna tractors (or many are) but made as Mastercraft. I have had two and worn out neither. The first one is 12 years old and we have over 5 acres of grass that we cut on a regular basis.

You can get an idea of our property at Pine Grove Stables website, just click on the link.

I do not have a Sears affiliate account, but looking up under the company search on Skimlinks I find that they do so I head over to Sears.com and find their best buy is Craftsman 46” 21 hp* Lawn Tractor Non CA so I type in the description and link to the Sears page it is shown on.

I have already set up my Skimlinks account so now when I post this to the web a link to the tractor should be placed where I wrote the description and it will be monetised to my Skimlinks ID!

I can even add the image from the Sears catalogue and have that linked to my ID. This is fantastic as Skimlinks will alter the link to the one most appropriate to my reader (if Sears has an outlet in their country!)


Craftsman 46" 21 hp* Lawn Tractor Non CA at Sears.com

This means that I can build product sites with all the best products from any of the merchants within the Skimlinks system. Neat and quite quick, the hardest part is searching the merchant databases and finding the right products to promote.

Why not click the Skimlinks logo below and sign up to try it yourself (of course that is my affiliate link and I may get paid for that too!)


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