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In Internet Marketing one of the key concepts is relevance, by this I mean that anything that is written on a landing page or in an advertisement has to be relevant to the customer. The more relevant the information the longer your visitor will remain on the site or advertisement and the more likely they are to convert or click your link.

An example of what is relevant might be in my case where I have a Classical Guitar site then advertisements for Classical Guitars, Strings, Music Books, Music Stands, Foot stools and even chairs would be relevant to someone interested in learning classical guitar, but electric guitars would not be! Why because my keyword is Play Classical Guitar, so anything directed away from Classical would be none relevant or something the visitor is not expecting.

It is just possible that electric guitars might be of interest to some classical players, but not all so in this case it may be slightly relevant. Personally if designing a site I would put the electric guitars on a separate site. This will give you more than twice the drawing power of the single site as you can link to each site from the other one, and thereby not dilute the relevancy of either!

If you are not sure what is and is not relevant to your marketing efforts then the best places to turn to are the top ten sites on Google for your niche or keyword(s) see what they are doing, and what appeals to you when wearing a buyers attitude. If you find anything non relevant make a note and avoid doing that and if you really like it make a note and do the same!

A handy tool for helping in your Research is Market Samurai which will let you research keywords, monetization, the competition and even build a WordPress Blog all from within MS! There are now several levels of membership so choose wisely. You can upgrade at any time though!

When I am trying to decide on what is relevant and what is not the approach that I take is based on an article written by Kyle one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate University. WA Members can view a copy here

The others can join WA for FREE as Starter Members and then make their minds up!

Anyway here is a screen shot:-

WA's Kyle's article on relevance

WA’s Kyle’s article on relevance

And the first Page from the article:-

“Introduction – Relevance is the Key to Success

If you think that your product choice alone will determine whether or not you are successful online, then this tutorial is going to help you out significantly. You could have the best product in the world, but if you do not deliver a pitch to the proper audience then you are not going to make a dime. TOO MANY marketers make this mistake!

Too much emphasis is put on finding the perfect product to promote online, rather than finding out who your customer really is.

We have created this resource to explain the most important component used in aligning a customer with a product: RELEVANCE. If you are having a difficult time making money online, this is probably your weak point. Regardless of what traffic you are driving to your page, your ad copy, your landing page and the product you are promoting, all need to be aligned. If you do not align all of these elements through relevance, you are going to have a heck of a time becoming a highly successful Internet marketer.

This tutorial is going to help you fill in the blanks and show you how to become a relevance marketer. A relevance marketer is a successful marketer!
The Flow of Relevance

The above diagram outlines the flow of relevance. This is the ideal flow that we should follow as marketers. If you follow this diagram with all of your campaigns, your chances of achieving positive ROI (return on investment) will be much greater.

A sale always starts with a keyword.  Keyword selection is very important to an Internet marketer, and we recommend that you put a lot of thought into your keyword research before actually building your campaigns.  If you still think you can make money without a relevant keyword, if you were promoting a product like Wealthy Affiliate, you’re very WRONG.  We have created a full section dedicated to Relevant Keywords within this tutorial.

The next aspect of the flow diagram is the actual grouping of your keywords.  It is important that you implement the common keyword technique when you create any ad group.  This will ensure that all of your keywords are relevant and grouped properly.  If a keyword does not make sense in an ad group, then you should take it out.  It is perfectly fine to have ad groups with fewer than 5 keywords, but it is not OK to have an ad group with 50 keywords (not including all Google match types).  Relevance sells, so keep your ad groups tightly related.

A click is an action that needs to take place in order for someone to even get to your website.  Without a relevant and enticing ad, you are not going to get this click-through.  You need to make sure that your ads are highly relevant to not only the keywords, but the offer you are going to be presenting to your consumer.

Finally (and probably most importantly), a relevant landing page should include relevant content that drives your potential consumers to a relevant product offering.  It happens too often that people just create one broad page and send all their traffic to that.  People get the keywords right, the ad right, but then when it comes down to the landing page, people miss the consumer’s needs by a mile!  Make sure you have relevance on all your pages (and this may require you to create several pages).

The closer all of these components are to being aligned, the better off your conversions will be.  We will be discussing all of these aspects in greater detail on the following pages.”

This ability to find useful posts is just one of the many resources available in Wealthy Affiliate, and it is the only place I know of on the internet where you can get personal coaching from the owners included in the price. This is usually a several thousand dollar per session add on! You can find out more and join Wealthy Affiliate at Wealthy Affiliate

There are two levels of membership available Starter is $0 (FREE!) per month and Premium is $47 per month. The link above will introduce you to the features and explain the differences. There are no other tools that you will ever require to build a successful Internet Marketing business, just tempting shiny objects.

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