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I can not stress the importance of having a work plan enough, for the new Internet Marketer. When starting out we do not know enough about the processes involved, and we want to see some sort of instant pay back. The problem with this is that we then lack the patience and perseverance to keep at it enough to succeed.

Internet Marketing is a little like riding a bike or learning to swim. It really is not that hard once you understand what you are trying to do, but like riding a mono cycle or juggling you have to get what you do right or it will not work! This in a nutshell is why so many fail to ever get a sale. It is not because they can not, or will not, it is because they quit before they succeeded!

Most failures do not have to be, they probably needed only to persevere, or to correct a couple of minor errors, and persist a little longer to see success. I have never seen a champion who was a quitter, and I have never seen a quitter be a success in anything!

Not that I am saying that all failing Internet Marketers are quitters, in general they are not, but they are going in the wrong directions. It all comes down to making it simple, and building a plan then doing enough to ensure your success. Most of us never reach the point of having anyone to mentor us or guide us through the hard times. This is an area where Wealthy Affiliate can and does help. As well as all of the great tools they have, and the forums we also now have the Boot camp Training along with the Getting Started Course this gives you the action plan, work ethic and tuition you need to ensure success.

Although the courses run for about 30 days each, you should not assume that you can just complete the course and then sit back and everything will come to you. This is not the case, the course is designed to show you how to set up a campaign and the work effort that you need to be putting in in order to ensure your success on a continued basis.

If a campaign has taken off by the end of the course you should be able to start another, if not continue working until it does, or start another anyway and check the statistics periodically for each. By the end of each campaign you will have a web site with about a dozen pages and a dozen blog posts. Each of these will be pointed to by 3 or 4 articles, and 3 or 4 related blogs of higher ranking as well as several social media sites. You will have 4 article directory accounts and articles published on each. You will be using Google Analytics and you will have basic SEO mastered. You will be getting some visitors, and your pages all being relevant will eventually start to convert. We can not say when exactly, but they will. You will also learn how to add Adsense and Kontera to your site (to earn advertising revenue).

It actually gets better as there are also video courses run by expert marketers within the community and you can talk to them all either privately (Premium members) or through the on-line live chat. There are literally thousands of pages of training material and even the founders Kyle and Carson are approachable. Just about any member will talk to you and help you, do not be afraid to ask!. There is even a currency to reward successful and helpful members with. Most of all it is fun to belong and anyone is accepted if they join. Just remember to ask for buddies and keep asking questions until you learn to make money. Then remember to pay back by helping the new people (newbies).

Your membership includes all the tools you need and unlimited hosting for just $47 per month. If this is beyond your means there is a FREE membership and unlimited trial, you can get it at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you need me to help just send me a private message to The Dressage Husband, after joining. If you still can not afford to join yet there are alternatives so leave me a message or comment here. I will try to help everyone I can.

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