Niche Finding in Internet Marketing

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One of the first things that you need to do, once you have decided that Internet Marketing is a career for you, is to identify a suitable niche. What we mean by a niche is a small part of the market that you can address. We are looking for a product or need that several people are looking for on line. Ideally this product or need is under served, which means less competition for us. For some people the choice seems obvious, as they have a major interest or hobby that many people enjoy and for which there is or appears to be a ready market.

The key skill required in finding your niche is the ability to research the niche that you have chosen to ensure that it is in fact a profitable niche. I use a tool called Market Samurai for keyword research, monetization, and even to help creating the advertising for my sites, which I develop using WordPress or WordPress Direct. What you want to try to find is a niche with over 80 visitors per day defined by a long tailed or buying type keyword, with less than 30,000 competitors, and ideally where the top 10 sites on Google are not fully search engine optimized. The video instruction in Market Samurai will show you how to do all of this.

The other way to do this is to use Google’s keyword tool and Adsense to find out how much competition there is, and the price for the major keywords. If you are not sure if a niche will be viable then check to see if it has forums and magazines (both ezines and real) available, you can just perform a straight search in Google. If there are several then it is likely a profitable niche.

You can search for niches in the magazine section of the local bookstore, try picking up magazines on Nascar, Labrador Retrievers, Dressage, Cameras, Guitars, or whatever else interests you. Then look at the advertisements and see what the enthusiasts are buying. Next go and check on-line with Yahoo and Google questions and answers, and look in the forums you found. Make a note of the forums as you should subscribe to as many as possible (if they are free!) and check out the requirements to have a link in your address (they are handy for back-links later after your site is set up and running).

Another great tip, and the one I wish I had found earlier, is to join an Internet Marketing group, I did and it is one of the best Wealthy Affiliate.

There are two levels of membership Starter and Premium (FREE and paid) so you can choose the one that best suits you. It is a monthly membership but highly recommended as apart from the forum there are thousands of up to date lessons, all the tools you will ever need in your Internet Marketing Career. Not to mention periodic in depth niche reviews. It includes web hosting, site building tools, keyword tools, personal coaching from the founders, and senior members and all included within the very reasonable monthly subscription. Again the link is Wealthy Affiliate.

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