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Recently I was looking at a guitar forum and I noticed that they used Skimlinks as a method of advertising and monetising their site.

What you may well ask are Skimlinks? I researched and found that they are a British based company that provides a method of monetising all of your product related sites. This is done by them affiliating with companies and negotiating a great affiliate rate. They then look for marketers (you?) who want to sell products that the companies supply.

Yes you say but surely I could affiliate with the companies and make more commission for me? Well maybe. and maybe not as Skimlinks has around 18,000 companies in the UK, USA and International Markets that they affiliate to. Could you possibly manage that many accounts?

Then there is another advantage this company offers a WordPress plugin that will automatically convert Word’s that can be to links and any keywords to links from an appropriate vendor in the country of the sites visitor (if such exists). They handle all of the accounts and send you the affiliate revenue less their 25%.

I was excited and signed up so you will see their links on my sites. The links are embedded in the text and so are natural and will get more clicks.

There is a monetary drag due to the affiliate payout rules so you get paid 90 days later. Their site has analytics and monitoring tools so you do not need to set all of that up. It gets better as in researching this product I came across their main rival Viglink.

Viglink is US based and has 30,000 companies signed up, otherwise they are very similar. Viglink pays after 60 days and has no signup restriction. Skimlinks has to manually review your sites (each one individually) and then approve or not. Each product is non exclusive so you can use other advertising too and other programs, however the idea is to use the product to consolidate all of your affiliate accounts under one umbrella.

Which should you use? Well I am signing up for both as they offer different companies on each site and the commission offered is often better on one than the other where there is overlap. Both linking sites offer preferred companies, this means these companies absorb the cost of the link service which is 25% of the affiliate commission in both cases.

The products offered come from companies such as Amazon, eBay, Sears, Macy’s, John Lewis (UK), etc. Some of which you will see as links, these were automatically created for me by Skimwords.

Within my websites I sell a lot of products such as the Canon Digital Rebel Xsi, and Asus laptops, you can find a company that they list and make these words links or sometimes the product will do that for you. There are also API’s that will create shelf top ads and you can insert the code on your page to get great looking advertisements too. I would only use one of them on any one site though to avoid accidentally corrupting your links.

You can even use a search API so that they can find their favourite camera on eBay or Amazon too these are linked to your affiliate code automatically and your visitor sees it as just eBay or Amazon, all done for you!.

Have fun and sign up for Skimlinks and Viglink here, I wish you every success with your endevours. As you can see Skimlinks has the better API’s and Viglink a few more suppliers. Viglink also can be used anywhere on the web whereas Skimlinks want to approve your site first.

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  1. Kerrie says:

    Hi Stephen
    Thanks for these tips
    I am checking out skimlinks


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