Hubpages A Free Way To Make Money On-Line

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Hubpages is a great way to learn Internet Marketing, with no costs for hosting, and it also gets you the highest commission rate from Amazon and eBay!

The downside is that you earn 60% of the time and Hubpages gets 40% however this still means that for newbies the overall return is much higher than if they paid for their own hosting and opened all the requisite accounts themselves.

A word of warning here, you do need to have an Adsense account with Google to get access to the ad sharing program on Hubpages and in order to apply for this now you will need to have several quality original Hubs published or a blog site with sufficient posts and content to pass the Google entry requirements.

The SEO and promotion of Hubpages blogs is handled largely by Hubpages (HP) so this will help you to get your first few visitors. I would still advise newbies to apply to Wealthy Affiliate and use the free site rubix domains to get a feel for how this business works. Once you are making a return from your Hubpages (Hubs) use that to go Premium at WA and build some of your own sites too.

Internet Marketing is a numbers game and some sites will earn immediately while others take time. I would suggest that you create as many Hubs as you can. It will take around 50 plus to see a steady stream of income. The site rules will help you learn what is and what is not acceptable ethically and from the search engines perspective. You can use this later once you have the skills to pick out the top niches and build your own sites on your own domains.

You will have everything you need at Wealthy Affiliate to build a successful blog site using WordPress and going Premium gets you access to the most complete set of training videos anywhere. These alone will help boost your earnings to significant levels.

Those wanting to build web stores may need their own hosting and C panel access to allow them to run Cron jobs and security utilities such as Wordfence, this however is beyond the skills set of most beginners. For these people they should be looking at Hostgator and similar web hosting. The cost of hosting is a consideration and you should only do this once you can consistently make money from your sites.

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