Building A Webstore? Try Prosciate Or Covert Store Builder

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There is a new WordPress plugin for building on-line stores for Amazon products. It interfaces through the free version of Woo Commerce and get this it increases your Amazon cookie from 24 hrs to a massive 90 days! This is done by letting your customer place items in the shopping cart while on your site. They can be kept from seeing the cart until they stop shopping, this reduces the tendency to remove items as they shop. Then once they checkout they are taken direct to Amazon checkout page, if they confirm the checkout that starts the 90 day cookie.

The Woo commerce integration with their themes allows a choice of designs made specially to allow customers to scroll quickly through your store picking out the bargains. The checkout process is so slick that at the end of my first week I had 5 sales from 17 clicks a conversion rate around 30%. This is a little deceptive as it is based on those that made it to the store and selected items only, not on all site visitors, but I was getting less than 1% before. It will be interesting to see how it goes over the holiday season.

The Prosciate plugin allows you to select Amazon products from within the WP dashboard and will interface to Amazon via a Cron job to download any price changes every few minutes. With product reviews and a bit of SEO effort it should be possible to keep conversions in the 9 to 10% range, which is fabulous.

I will be posting a product link here as soon as my application is approved (assuming it is).

I have been approved for a similar product Covert Store Builder, which lets you build super Amazon stores really quickly and easily check it out here:- Dressage Husbands Kitchen

Covert Store Builder is available from JVZoo:-

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