Niche Finding in Internet Marketing

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One of the first things that you need to do, once you have decided that Internet Marketing is a career for you, is to identify a suitable niche. What we mean by a niche is a small part of the market that you can address. We are looking for a product or need that several people are looking for on line. Ideally this product or need is under served, which means less competition for us. For some people the choice seems obvious, as they have a major interest or hobby that many people enjoy and for which there is or appears to be a ready market.

The key skill required in finding your niche is the ability to research the niche that you have chosen to ensure that it is in fact a profitable niche. I use a tool called Market Samurai for keyword research, monetization, and even to help creating the advertising for my sites, which I develop using WordPress or WordPress Direct. What you want to try to find is a niche with over 80 visitors per day defined by a long tailed or buying type keyword, with less than 30,000 competitors, and ideally where the top 10 sites on Google are not fully search engine optimized. The video instruction in Market Samurai will show you how to do all of this.

The other way to do this is to use Google’s keyword tool and Adsense to find out how much competition there is, and the price for the major keywords. If you are not sure if a niche will be viable then check to see if it has forums and magazines (both ezines and real) available, you can just perform a straight search in Google. If there are several then it is likely a profitable niche.

You can search for niches in the magazine section of the local bookstore, try picking up magazines on Nascar, Labrador Retrievers, Dressage, Cameras, Guitars, or whatever else interests you. Then look at the advertisements and see what the enthusiasts are buying. Next go and check on-line with Yahoo and Google questions and answers, and look in the forums you found. Make a note of the forums as you should subscribe to as many as possible (if they are free!) and check out the requirements to have a link in your address (they are handy for back-links later after your site is set up and running).

Another great tip, and the one I wish I had found earlier, is to join an Internet Marketing group, I did and it is one of the best Wealthy Affiliate.

There are two levels of membership Starter and Premium (FREE and paid) so you can choose the one that best suits you. It is a monthly membership but highly recommended as apart from the forum there are thousands of up to date lessons, all the tools you will ever need in your Internet Marketing Career. Not to mention periodic in depth niche reviews. It includes web hosting, site building tools, keyword tools, personal coaching from the founders, and senior members and all included within the very reasonable monthly subscription. Again the link is Wealthy Affiliate.

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Web Page Design For Internet Marketing

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When we are designing our web pages for Internet Marketing we need to bear in mind that the person for whom we are designing, is the visitor, and not ourselves. Why is this so important to bear in mind? I am testing to see if you have read the rest of the site! It is all about relevance!

The relevance is the relevance to a potential buyer, these people are browsing the Internet looking for something, and it is that something that they will type into their browser. We as marketers have to:-

1. Identify niches that are being looked for.

2. Find keywords that relate to the niche and that the prospective customer may type closer to the buy point, that are also not too competitive.

3. Build landing pages to direct them to our, or our affiliate, site at which they make a decision, hopefully to buy. There may be another stage in that we may write articles to direct them to this point.

Our web design therefore applies to landing pages and our selling site. The landing page should (if possible) be kept above the fold (point at which you have to scroll to see the rest of the page) and keep their attention focused to click the link, to either our sales page, or that of our affiliate. We are not overly concerned with our affiliates site, as they will be attempting to maximize its appeal to their prospective clients (and ours too!). Although it is as well to check the site thoroughly before signing as an affiliate, we do not want to waste any of our hard work!

The design of our landing pages and sites should be as clean and uncluttered as we can make it. I have found that in WordPress, 2 column sites have more appeal than 3. it is sensible to keep items that need action to the left, in the banner position, or just above the fold. After that things are less likely to be clicked on, although some visitors seem to make a habit of scrolling to the bottom of pages before exiting so this can sometimes be an effective position for a last call to action (Buy now button, etc.).

Since most of us are not experienced graphic designers I suggest keeping things uncluttered and simple. Use text size variation in headings to attract attention and keep your copy writing direct and to the point. Add value and concentrate on benefits for the buyer, rather than technical specifications, unless you know that is what your customers like. I buy a car because it is economical not because it is cheap, or because it is more comfortable not because it is expensive, get the idea? I could go on — because it has overtaking power (I really do not care that it does 0-200 in 15 secs).

This is where our research comes in, and it is important to read magazines on our chosen topics, and to visit the forums, this is where we get our ideas from. We should also visit our competitors sites. All of the research shows us what is working for others, and we should take notes to try to see what we can improve on. This is a trial and error game, and we should keep testing to see if we have it right.

Of course if you have the funds you could outsource this to an expert, but I think it is as well to try for yourself, so that you can learn to recognize good work when you see it. Remember people will always be pleased to take your money, but you need to get what you want in return! That is an excellent thought for you to bear in mind as a guide to what you do – be relevant and over deliver. Finally you can use video and pictures as these speak for thousands of word, but be careful and ensure they are relevant to your topic or you could lose the visitor, and if they open in a window use a new one so that they can return to your site on finishing viewing it.

I hope that helps, have fun with your marketing.

For more information or to join Wealthy Affiliate click on the link. We currently have a FREE membership with some restrictions only 2 free sites and limited access to the videos, click the link and sign up to learn, there is absolutely no risk attached to finding out if this may help you!

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Planning For Internet Marketing

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I can not stress the importance of having a work plan enough, for the new Internet Marketer. When starting out we do not know enough about the processes involved, and we want to see some sort of instant pay back. The problem with this is that we then lack the patience and perseverance to keep at it enough to succeed.

Internet Marketing is a little like riding a bike or learning to swim. It really is not that hard once you understand what you are trying to do, but like riding a mono cycle or juggling you have to get what you do right or it will not work! This in a nutshell is why so many fail to ever get a sale. It is not because they can not, or will not, it is because they quit before they succeeded!

Most failures do not have to be, they probably needed only to persevere, or to correct a couple of minor errors, and persist a little longer to see success. I have never seen a champion who was a quitter, and I have never seen a quitter be a success in anything!

Not that I am saying that all failing Internet Marketers are quitters, in general they are not, but they are going in the wrong directions. It all comes down to making it simple, and building a plan then doing enough to ensure your success. Most of us never reach the point of having anyone to mentor us or guide us through the hard times. This is an area where Wealthy Affiliate can and does help. As well as all of the great tools they have, and the forums we also now have the Boot camp Training along with the Getting Started Course this gives you the action plan, work ethic and tuition you need to ensure success.

Although the courses run for about 30 days each, you should not assume that you can just complete the course and then sit back and everything will come to you. This is not the case, the course is designed to show you how to set up a campaign and the work effort that you need to be putting in in order to ensure your success on a continued basis.

If a campaign has taken off by the end of the course you should be able to start another, if not continue working until it does, or start another anyway and check the statistics periodically for each. By the end of each campaign you will have a web site with about a dozen pages and a dozen blog posts. Each of these will be pointed to by 3 or 4 articles, and 3 or 4 related blogs of higher ranking as well as several social media sites. You will have 4 article directory accounts and articles published on each. You will be using Google Analytics and you will have basic SEO mastered. You will be getting some visitors, and your pages all being relevant will eventually start to convert. We can not say when exactly, but they will. You will also learn how to add Adsense and Kontera to your site (to earn advertising revenue).

It actually gets better as there are also video courses run by expert marketers within the community and you can talk to them all either privately (Premium members) or through the on-line live chat. There are literally thousands of pages of training material and even the founders Kyle and Carson are approachable. Just about any member will talk to you and help you, do not be afraid to ask!. There is even a currency to reward successful and helpful members with. Most of all it is fun to belong and anyone is accepted if they join. Just remember to ask for buddies and keep asking questions until you learn to make money. Then remember to pay back by helping the new people (newbies).

Your membership includes all the tools you need and unlimited hosting for just $47 per month. If this is beyond your means there is a FREE membership and unlimited trial, you can get it at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you need me to help just send me a private message to The Dressage Husband, after joining. If you still can not afford to join yet there are alternatives so leave me a message or comment here. I will try to help everyone I can.

Understanding Keywords

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It is very important for Internet Marketers to understand what exactly the use of the keyword is. It is actually used in slightly different ways in all aspects of our Marketing. When I am looking for something on the internet I will usually start with a general term, and gradually become more specific as I find what I am looking for, or not, as the case may be.

This is typical also of your customer, and also has an impact on the way that you set up your sites. In looking for your niche you will start with broad keywords such as Guitar, Horse, Motorbike etc. These keywords are general and will have high search volumes, but we do not want to compete in Google Adsense if there are 1,000’s of competitors and sites. So we choose a related term for which there is less competition, but which ideally includes the first keyword we thought of. Examples would be Yamaha Guitars, Dressage Horse, Honda Motorbike etc. These keywords would also be great to use in articles to point at more specific landing pages.

Then we could use C40 Yamaha Guitar, as a landing page from the article, or Dutch Warmblood Dressage Horse, or Honda V4 Cross tourer motorbike etc. Which keywords do you think the likely buyer is going to be searching on? Right! it will be the “long tailed” one we just used. In fact you can expand on this and add the words Buy, get or review etc. in front to even more finely target your prospects.

Which is better? to get a whole lot of traffic to your site, or a few highly targeted potential buyers? Think about this, and try to ensure that you apply logical thinking throughout your marketing funnels. You can look at the Article Marketing Process as either spinning a spiders web to try to get prospects to stick. Your articles, blogs and social media sites are all directing the prospect to your landing page, and finally the action of clicking the buy now button. This could also be regarded as a massive funnel affect. What I want you to think about is that you are directing them gently into the funnel or web, with the end aim of them taking action on your buy button. Once you can visualize the process in this way, then you will find that you are better able to sharply focus your efforts.

If you want more guidance on this then I strongly recommend that you take a look at Wealthy Affiliate there are two rates currently available  entry level (restricted to 2 sites) at $0 per month and Premium (unlimited) at $47 per month. I am Premium, but do not worry if you can only manage the free level, as you can easily upgrade once you have the income to do so.

There are ways that you can start Internet Marketing for FREE and I can help you if you fill in your name and Email in the form below.


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I wish you, the best of luck, in your marketing efforts.

You can also try our great keyword tool Jaaxy for FREE here, the top link to sign up as a FREE member and the box below to try it from here! :—

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