Hubpages A Free Way To Make Money On-Line

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Hubpages is a great way to learn Internet Marketing, with no costs for hosting, and it also gets you the highest commission rate from Amazon and eBay!

The downside is that you earn 60% of the time and Hubpages gets 40% however this still means that for newbies the overall return is much higher than if they paid for their own hosting and opened all the requisite accounts themselves.

A word of warning here, you do need to have an Adsense account with Google to get access to the ad sharing program on Hubpages and in order to apply for this now you will need to have several quality original Hubs published or a blog site with sufficient posts and content to pass the Google entry requirements.

The SEO and promotion of Hubpages blogs is handled largely by Hubpages (HP) so this will help you to get your first few visitors. I would still advise newbies to apply to Wealthy Affiliate and use the free site rubix domains to get a feel for how this business works. Once you are making a return from your Hubpages (Hubs) use that to go Premium at WA and build some of your own sites too.

Internet Marketing is a numbers game and some sites will earn immediately while others take time. I would suggest that you create as many Hubs as you can. It will take around 50 plus to see a steady stream of income. The site rules will help you learn what is and what is not acceptable ethically and from the search engines perspective. You can use this later once you have the skills to pick out the top niches and build your own sites on your own domains.

You will have everything you need at Wealthy Affiliate to build a successful blog site using WordPress and going Premium gets you access to the most complete set of training videos anywhere. These alone will help boost your earnings to significant levels.

Those wanting to build web stores may need their own hosting and C panel access to allow them to run Cron jobs and security utilities such as Wordfence, this however is beyond the skills set of most beginners. For these people they should be looking at Hostgator and similar web hosting. The cost of hosting is a consideration and you should only do this once you can consistently make money from your sites.

Building A Webstore? Try Prosciate Or Covert Store Builder

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There is a new WordPress plugin for building on-line stores for Amazon products. It interfaces through the free version of Woo Commerce and get this it increases your Amazon cookie from 24 hrs to a massive 90 days! This is done by letting your customer place items in the shopping cart while on your site. They can be kept from seeing the cart until they stop shopping, this reduces the tendency to remove items as they shop. Then once they checkout they are taken direct to Amazon checkout page, if they confirm the checkout that starts the 90 day cookie.

The Woo commerce integration with their themes allows a choice of designs made specially to allow customers to scroll quickly through your store picking out the bargains. The checkout process is so slick that at the end of my first week I had 5 sales from 17 clicks a conversion rate around 30%. This is a little deceptive as it is based on those that made it to the store and selected items only, not on all site visitors, but I was getting less than 1% before. It will be interesting to see how it goes over the holiday season.

The Prosciate plugin allows you to select Amazon products from within the WP dashboard and will interface to Amazon via a Cron job to download any price changes every few minutes. With product reviews and a bit of SEO effort it should be possible to keep conversions in the 9 to 10% range, which is fabulous.

I will be posting a product link here as soon as my application is approved (assuming it is).

I have been approved for a similar product Covert Store Builder, which lets you build super Amazon stores really quickly and easily check it out here:- Dressage Husbands Kitchen

Covert Store Builder is available from JVZoo:-

Amazon Link Test

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Not Sure About Internet Marketing and WA? Get 2 Free Websites Instead

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For those that are not sure whether they really want to start Internet Marketing or even about joining Wealthy Affiliate I have a special offer.

You can get 2 FREE websites just to try your ideas on click the link now!

Testing Skimlinks – Sears Lawn Tractors

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Now that we have tried monetising our site with Skimlinks or Viglink it is time to test their capabilities. I have decided to take a look at something that is close to my heart, Sears lawn tractors.

I do not know if many people know this but the Sears tractors are fantastic value for the money as they are Husqvarna tractors (or many are) but made as Mastercraft. I have had two and worn out neither. The first one is 12 years old and we have over 5 acres of grass that we cut on a regular basis.

You can get an idea of our property at Pine Grove Stables website, just click on the link.

I do not have a Sears affiliate account, but looking up under the company search on Skimlinks I find that they do so I head over to and find their best buy is Craftsman 46” 21 hp* Lawn Tractor Non CA so I type in the description and link to the Sears page it is shown on.

I have already set up my Skimlinks account so now when I post this to the web a link to the tractor should be placed where I wrote the description and it will be monetised to my Skimlinks ID!

I can even add the image from the Sears catalogue and have that linked to my ID. This is fantastic as Skimlinks will alter the link to the one most appropriate to my reader (if Sears has an outlet in their country!)


Craftsman 46" 21 hp* Lawn Tractor Non CA at

This means that I can build product sites with all the best products from any of the merchants within the Skimlinks system. Neat and quite quick, the hardest part is searching the merchant databases and finding the right products to promote.

Why not click the Skimlinks logo below and sign up to try it yourself (of course that is my affiliate link and I may get paid for that too!)


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Monetising Your Website

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Recently I was looking at a guitar forum and I noticed that they used Skimlinks as a method of advertising and monetising their site.

What you may well ask are Skimlinks? I researched and found that they are a British based company that provides a method of monetising all of your product related sites. This is done by them affiliating with companies and negotiating a great affiliate rate. They then look for marketers (you?) who want to sell products that the companies supply.

Yes you say but surely I could affiliate with the companies and make more commission for me? Well maybe. and maybe not as Skimlinks has around 18,000 companies in the UK, USA and International Markets that they affiliate to. Could you possibly manage that many accounts?

Then there is another advantage this company offers a WordPress plugin that will automatically convert Word’s that can be to links and any keywords to links from an appropriate vendor in the country of the sites visitor (if such exists). They handle all of the accounts and send you the affiliate revenue less their 25%.

I was excited and signed up so you will see their links on my sites. The links are embedded in the text and so are natural and will get more clicks.

There is a monetary drag due to the affiliate payout rules so you get paid 90 days later. Their site has analytics and monitoring tools so you do not need to set all of that up. It gets better as in researching this product I came across their main rival Viglink.

Viglink is US based and has 30,000 companies signed up, otherwise they are very similar. Viglink pays after 60 days and has no signup restriction. Skimlinks has to manually review your sites (each one individually) and then approve or not. Each product is non exclusive so you can use other advertising too and other programs, however the idea is to use the product to consolidate all of your affiliate accounts under one umbrella.

Which should you use? Well I am signing up for both as they offer different companies on each site and the commission offered is often better on one than the other where there is overlap. Both linking sites offer preferred companies, this means these companies absorb the cost of the link service which is 25% of the affiliate commission in both cases.

The products offered come from companies such as Amazon, eBay, Sears, Macy’s, John Lewis (UK), etc. Some of which you will see as links, these were automatically created for me by Skimwords.

Within my websites I sell a lot of products such as the Canon Digital Rebel Xsi, and Asus laptops, you can find a company that they list and make these words links or sometimes the product will do that for you. There are also API’s that will create shelf top ads and you can insert the code on your page to get great looking advertisements too. I would only use one of them on any one site though to avoid accidentally corrupting your links.

You can even use a search API so that they can find their favourite camera on eBay or Amazon too these are linked to your affiliate code automatically and your visitor sees it as just eBay or Amazon, all done for you!.

Have fun and sign up for Skimlinks and Viglink here, I wish you every success with your endevours. As you can see Skimlinks has the better API’s and Viglink a few more suppliers. Viglink also can be used anywhere on the web whereas Skimlinks want to approve your site first.

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Attitude in Internet Marketing

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If we are to become successful Internet Marketers one of the most important things for us is, our attitude, in Internet Marketing. Actually if we are to succeed in any area of life it is our attitude that really counts.

When I was studying as a student accountant one of my audits was of Slater Walker, one of the first and biggest of the UK’s investment banks. Now that dates me! The founder Jim Slater had written a book dealing with the attitude of successful people. In this he told a story about his daughter who had been assigned a project on Zulu’s and she said “Dad I know nothing about Zulu’s how do I write a project on them?”

His answer was  something like this:- “It depends on what you want to be! If you want to be the best source of knowledge on Zulu’s in the street go to the local library and take out a book on Zulu’s read it, study it and you will probably achieve your aim. If you want to be the best in the town take out all of their books on Zulu’s, and read them all, and study them all, and you will probably achieve that aim. If you want to be the best in the country go to the British Museum’s National Library and take out all the books ever written on Zulu’s in the English language, and you will probably achieve that aim. If you want to be the best in the world go and live with the Zulu’s for a year or two as well.” You get the idea?

This is telling us that in order to achieve anything we first have to define what it is we are trying to achieve. So set a goal for yourself! Of course if you find being the best in the World somewhat daunting, you can break it down into steps that do not frighten you.

When I was younger one of the things I did was sail dinghies, these are the small sail boats usually in the range of 8 to 20 feet in length, that sail on lakes, rivers and sometimes the sea, but that are (for most people) too small for ocean going. I started sailing in my teens with my father at a place called the Welsh Harp in Wembley (London England). We just kept trying to beat the boat in front, and watching what they did, we would try to add things to our repertoire, and see if they improved our results, if they did we kept them, if they did not, we dropped it and tried another way etc.

Finally at the age of 32 sailing with my brother we achieved our best ever result. In a handicap race (everyone sails their own boat, and the winner is the one who has the best time after the handicaps are applied) we beat 5 World and 9 National champions in a team race comprising two races. The point I am making is this, do not expect instant results, when many of your competitors have had years of practice. However, if you are persistent and always seeking to improve, the final result, in terms of what you can achieve, may surprise even you! We were not really aware of the caliber of the field until we were told afterward.

What I have illustrated above is the importance of the right attitude in Internet Marketing. We must set ourselves targets, adjust these as we go along so that they are not too difficult to achieve, but still a challenge. Start with a destination in mind, and seek constant improvement in what we do. A great way to improve is to learn from what others are doing, do it one step at a time, keeping only what works for you. We need to study all the available information on the topic if we want to become the best at it. This last step is a lot easier today as most of the information we need is available on the Internet, in magazines, and forums etc.

If you need to, adjust your thinking, adopt the right attitude and you will have more success in your Internet Marketing efforts. One of the best places to learn is the Wealthy Affiliate. If you do not have any money right now you can join as a Starter for FREE and still have access to everything you need to get started! Then you should upgrade to Premium once you are making enough money to afford it.

There is also an excellent resource on the internet which you can use for free
The Online Self Improvement and Self Help Encyclopedia

I wish you luck in your Internet Marketing career. If you have any questions or comments feel free to add them here (they will be adjudicated before publishing) Thank you.

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Where Do I Begin Internet Marketing?

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One of the most common questions that newbies have is “Where do I begin Internet Marketing?” This is really a hard question to tackle, because the answer depends on so many factors, and not least of these is, what can you afford to pay to get set up?

Assuming, that like most people asking the question the biggest pressing need is income replacement, then there is no really good answer as some investment is, or will be, needed. However the largest investment is in time. Therefore I would suggest, if at all possible, that you start while still in employment and build your business to a point where it is functional, before you quit.

Following on from that the best free course is the 30 day challenge of Ed Dale (now, The Challenge and it takes 60 to 70 days!) the challenge will introduce you to all the latest tools and how they work. If you follow along you will end up with a site, and maybe your first sale or two, I did. After that I personally would not follow up with the Challenge Plus, nor the Edge as these courses require considerable further investment, which is fine if you can afford it, but if you are like me and most other marketers you will need to find a cheaper way of working, at least initially.

It is still possible to build your business for next to nothing, by using sites such as Squidoo, Blogger and Weebly. So I would suggest using Squidoo as they even provide Amazon, eBay and Cafe Press modules, which will initially give you a better rate of return than you would qualify for on your own. A word of warning here do not direct link from Squidoo to an affiliate marketing product. They have had a bad experience with spam and there are rules, which must be followed. Make sure that you always read the terms and conditions attached to the use of any sites, and ensure you follow them. These sites can and will delete your account, if they are notified of any violations by you.

For this reason alone, many Internet Marketers suggest that you have your own site and web hosting. You will always want to progress to this point to avoid having to constantly check on other peoples rules. Your own site is the only place that will be exempt of them.

For most beginners wanting their own site WordPress is the way to go, as it is quick to learn, and you can get many free widgets that help in Search Engine Optimization. Blogs are also easy to update and lend themselves to many of the top tools for automation. Also, WordPress is open source, so there are many programmers that develop themes and widgets that are free to use.

It is at this point that many new Internet Marketers start getting into trouble. This is because as soon as you start building sites, you look at what others are doing and you will be tempted by loads of free offers of help with this and help with that. The strings attached are the inevitable sales funnels, full of up-sells. While this may be great marketing practice by the vendors it does not help the poor strapped for cash newbie! Who is tempted to spend a small fortune on all the latest gimmicks!

There is simply so much to learn and way too much on offer, so I would suggest you skip all of that, just shut out all the guru advances and all of the spam offers and join Wealthy Affiliate. There is now a FREE Starter Membership  It is the best investment in your future that you can make period, and it will answer all your questions, and teach you the right way to go about things. You will also avoid many of the errors that others are making. You will even get direct tutoring from the founders, and you will have live messaging direct to them.

If you are still undecided check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review. This will answer many of your questions, and give you an idea of what is available there. I have the Premium membership, but it is OK if you can only go with the Free version, you can easily upgrade, when you have made enough money, just start Internet Marketing with the free methods until you are earning enough to apply.

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Work At Home – Make Money From Home

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There are a lot of people in the world who for no fault of their own are finding that they need to either work at home or need to make money from home. It appears that there is an ever increasing trend amongst employers to hire on a permanent part time basis, whatever that may mean.

There are also a lot of jobs that are either commission only or like one I had that pay a rate set by the employer and outside of the control of the worker. Conveniently these jobs are classified as `independent contractors` when in actual fact they are anything but. By being classified this way the job nicely bypasses all of the employment labor law rights, while at the same time removing the right of the independent contractor to actually set his or her own rates and times of working. I am from Canada and it is illegal under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (S15 was even amended in 1983 to prevent the Provincial legislators from being exempt) to create an underprivileged class of Canadians and yet that is exactly what this type of job achieves!

In my case I was working as a newspaper deliverer and the per paper rate was set so low that it did not even allow me to make a profit from the round, let alone pay for the required driver to cover should I be sick or need time off. I ended up being fired for “lack of service” after missing two nights due to snow storms. I had refused to go out after being hit head on by a truck on my side of the highway a month or two earlier in a similar storm. It should be noted that following that accident my wife called the Mounties for help and they were not driving that night and I was abandoned until 6:30 the following day in -24 weather and no heat in the car as the battery and radiator were destroyed in the accident. I nearly died due to exposure and the only concern of the employer was that I did not deliver the papers and they could have fired me for that!

I appealed to Occupational Health and Safety and Labour Standards to uphold my rights arguing that if I was an employee then they could not fire me for not going out in inclement weather. Your rights being protected under the Act. If I was an independent contractor then they had no right to dictate to me as it was solely my decision to make and I could deliver at my own time later, (try telling a plumber or electrician when to call!). I lost on both accounts as the company hired an expensive lawyer to argue black was white and the review panels bought in. Slave labour survives and we thought it had been abolished at the turn of the last century!

So whatever the reason you need to work at home I understand it may not have been your fault nor your natural desire. There is however good news, you can make money from home and all you need is an Internet connected computer and the desire to succeed.

I have joined the Wealthy Affiliate and this is a members only club that for a low monthly fee offers all of the training and tools that you need in order to make money from home with your own Internet Marketing Business. The best part is that there are no qualifications required other than the desire to succeed and the ability to work in a focused manner. If you follow the getting started course that you find there and follow up by completing the Bootcamp Course I can almost guarantee that you will make Sales, and then all you will need to do is continue working in the manner taught, and adding new niches on a regular basis and you will be a success.

In fact we are so confident that you will like it that we let you use the entire system free for as long as you like with no obligation to buy, of course you will need to belong for quite awhile to get the full benefit, but you can try before you buy. You will not be disappointed. Your first two sites can be set up and hosted there for free, no time limit!

The process is empowering and rewarding, there are no limits to what can be achieved. This is not for everyone, but if you have motivation, a desire to succeed and 2 to 3 hours a day and are prepared to learn from your mistakes or from others that you will meet in the Forums, then there is no reason for anyone to fail. See you on the inside at Wealthy Affiliate. You can join for FREE then upgrade to Premium once you start to succeed.

Best SEO Software for Internet Marketing

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For Internet Marketers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the hardest parts. It is a constantly changing minefield, with Google in charge of the detonators, or at least it was! Recently Facebook and mobile media have been emerging as very real competitors.

There are some general rules for SEO that it is as well to bear in mind. The keyword of choice should appear in your URL, your site header, and the first and last paragraphs on the landing page, and overall it should comprise about 1% of all the words on that page. These general rules also apply to all articles you write to point back to the landing page.

Fortunately there are some some good SEO software packages available, but they should be used with care. I personally use Market Samurai and Ping Kaching the former is a combination tool that allows you to easily find keywords, check on your competition, monetize your site and even prepare advertisement postings from ClickBank, Amazon, and Commission Junction, these can be used in WordPress or WordPress Direct. In MS you can also search for the top sites for back-linking. MS is a fixed price, and well worth acquiring if you can afford it. They are in the process of adding an Adwords module too, and their training videos are top notch.

Do not over use the site ranking tool, as Google can get upset at the use of automated tools. Market Samurai uses virtual hosting to avoid getting into trouble. Ping Kaching is an automated tool for directory listing, Book marking and back-linking.  Use Ping Kaching carefully and perform these tasks manually as well, it is important that you do not build links too fast or Google may “Sand Box” you. It is then very hard to get your ranking back!

If you want to be safe the best SEO software available is your brain! This can also be supplemented with the advice of Wealthy Affiliate which is the best one stop members only Internet Marketing site on the web. The starter membership is now FREE, and it includes the hosting of two sites for free.

The big advantage of Wealthy Affiliate is that as a one stop shop it constantly changes and evolves as the web does. It is a group of approximately 40,000 Affiliate Marketers including a forum, 1,000’s of lessons, workshops, webinars and also all the SEO tools you will ever need, not to mention web hosting (unlimited sites, two if you join on the FREE membership) site building tools including WordPress Express. The members are always willing to help if you get stuck. All you have to do is ask your questions! Even the owners Kyle and Carson join in! It is a value that can not be beaten anywhere else on the web (Especially as the Starter Option is FREE). Click here to check it out Wealthy Affiliate.

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