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For Internet Marketers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the hardest parts. It is a constantly changing minefield, with Google in charge of the detonators, or at least it was! Recently Facebook and mobile media have been emerging as very real competitors.

There are some general rules for SEO that it is as well to bear in mind. The keyword of choice should appear in your URL, your site header, and the first and last paragraphs on the landing page, and overall it should comprise about 1% of all the words on that page. These general rules also apply to all articles you write to point back to the landing page.

Fortunately there are some some good SEO software packages available, but they should be used with care. I personally use Market Samurai and Ping Kaching the former is a combination tool that allows you to easily find keywords, check on your competition, monetize your site and even prepare advertisement postings from ClickBank, Amazon, and Commission Junction, these can be used in WordPress or WordPress Direct. In MS you can also search for the top sites for back-linking. MS is a fixed price, and well worth acquiring if you can afford it. They are in the process of adding an Adwords module too, and their training videos are top notch.

Do not over use the site ranking tool, as Google can get upset at the use of automated tools. Market Samurai uses virtual hosting to avoid getting into trouble. Ping Kaching is an automated tool for directory listing, Book marking and back-linking.  Use Ping Kaching carefully and perform these tasks manually as well, it is important that you do not build links too fast or Google may “Sand Box” you. It is then very hard to get your ranking back!

If you want to be safe the best SEO software available is your brain! This can also be supplemented with the advice of Wealthy Affiliate which is the best one stop members only Internet Marketing site on the web. The starter membership is now FREE, and it includes the hosting of two sites for free.

The big advantage of Wealthy Affiliate is that as a one stop shop it constantly changes and evolves as the web does. It is a group of approximately 40,000 Affiliate Marketers including a forum, 1,000’s of lessons, workshops, webinars and also all the SEO tools you will ever need, not to mention web hosting (unlimited sites, two if you join on the FREE membership) site building tools including WordPress Express. The members are always willing to help if you get stuck. All you have to do is ask your questions! Even the owners Kyle and Carson join in! It is a value that can not be beaten anywhere else on the web (Especially as the Starter Option is FREE). Click here to check it out Wealthy Affiliate.

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  1. thanks for the read I enjoyed it.
    I really like the layout of your site.

  2. jason says:

    does anyone know the date SEO Netlinks is coming out? i heard it’s an amazing way to build tons of traffic

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