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If we are to become successful Internet Marketers one of the most important things for us is, our attitude, in Internet Marketing. Actually if we are to succeed in any area of life it is our attitude that really counts.

When I was studying as a student accountant one of my audits was of Slater Walker, one of the first and biggest of the UK’s investment banks. Now that dates me! The founder Jim Slater had written a book dealing with the attitude of successful people. In this he told a story about his daughter who had been assigned a project on Zulu’s and she said “Dad I know nothing about Zulu’s how do I write a project on them?”

His answer was  something like this:- “It depends on what you want to be! If you want to be the best source of knowledge on Zulu’s in the street go to the local library and take out a book on Zulu’s read it, study it and you will probably achieve your aim. If you want to be the best in the town take out all of their books on Zulu’s, and read them all, and study them all, and you will probably achieve that aim. If you want to be the best in the country go to the British Museum’s National Library and take out all the books ever written on Zulu’s in the English language, and you will probably achieve that aim. If you want to be the best in the world go and live with the Zulu’s for a year or two as well.” You get the idea?

This is telling us that in order to achieve anything we first have to define what it is we are trying to achieve. So set a goal for yourself! Of course if you find being the best in the World somewhat daunting, you can break it down into steps that do not frighten you.

When I was younger one of the things I did was sail dinghies, these are the small sail boats usually in the range of 8 to 20 feet in length, that sail on lakes, rivers and sometimes the sea, but that are (for most people) too small for ocean going. I started sailing in my teens with my father at a place called the Welsh Harp in Wembley (London England). We just kept trying to beat the boat in front, and watching what they did, we would try to add things to our repertoire, and see if they improved our results, if they did we kept them, if they did not, we dropped it and tried another way etc.

Finally at the age of 32 sailing with my brother we achieved our best ever result. In a handicap race (everyone sails their own boat, and the winner is the one who has the best time after the handicaps are applied) we beat 5 World and 9 National champions in a team race comprising two races. The point I am making is this, do not expect instant results, when many of your competitors have had years of practice. However, if you are persistent and always seeking to improve, the final result, in terms of what you can achieve, may surprise even you! We were not really aware of the caliber of the field until we were told afterward.

What I have illustrated above is the importance of the right attitude in Internet Marketing. We must set ourselves targets, adjust these as we go along so that they are not too difficult to achieve, but still a challenge. Start with a destination in mind, and seek constant improvement in what we do. A great way to improve is to learn from what others are doing, do it one step at a time, keeping only what works for you. We need to study all the available information on the topic if we want to become the best at it. This last step is a lot easier today as most of the information we need is available on the Internet, in magazines, and forums etc.

If you need to, adjust your thinking, adopt the right attitude and you will have more success in your Internet Marketing efforts. One of the best places to learn is the Wealthy Affiliate. If you do not have any money right now you can join as a Starter for FREE and still have access to everything you need to get started! Then you should upgrade to Premium once you are making enough money to afford it.

There is also an excellent resource on the internet which you can use for free
The Online Self Improvement and Self Help Encyclopedia

I wish you luck in your Internet Marketing career. If you have any questions or comments feel free to add them here (they will be adjudicated before publishing) Thank you.

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