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Stephen J Parkin – Wealthy Affiliate

also known as The Dressage Husband, I am married to Shauna La Pierre who is my soul mate and we live in beautiful Pine Grove in Nova Scotia,  Canada.

The nickname The Dressage Husband was given to me by my wife as she is an avid rider and would rather be riding dressage than just about anything else. We have a Stable website at http://www.pinegrovestable.com

I am interested in Internet Marketing, Classical Guitar, Photography and Helping Other People Succeed. I also like computer games, and am an accomplished Hubber My Hubpages Profile Here you will see a list of all my Hubs and accolades!

For those interested in Classical Guitar my website for that is at http://www.classicalguitartdh.com

We all (Me, Shauna, A Border Collie (BC – Oliver Twist), Robin The Barn Kitten and 4 horses – we have had up to 7!) live on a 34 acre farm located just outside of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.

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3 comments on “About Me
  1. John Mitchell says:

    Hello Stephen,
    Have just come across your website, and your review of The Wealthy Affiliate University. I am completely new to the online marketing process, and have been searching for mentors etc to get me up and running. Do you truly feel this is the most straightforward and comprehensive training available? Your thoughts would be appreciated. I too live in the Bridgewater area.
    Many thanks,

    • admin says:


      The Wealthy Affiliate University is probably the single most useful resource you could find to get you up and running. This is because you will not need any other tools than those supplied there. The big thing to remember is to work this as you would any job, it is not easy to succeed.

      There are many steps to a successful sales site and all must be followed correctly to make any sales, however once you know how it is really not that difficult just time consuming.

      The hardest part is avoiding the many distractions and not being taken for a ride by the many so called gurus.

      Wealthy Affiliate is comprised of real people many of whom are considered to amongst the best in Internet Marketing. Pot Pie Girl (Jennifer Ledbetter) Travis, Magistudios, DABK etc. etc. not to mention the founders Kyle and Carson. You can talk to them all in the forums and even private message them and they do respond. There are literally hundreds of lessons and you can get certifications as well as join 30 Day WA Clubs to get campaigns up and running.

      If you are a realist understand that you need a niche and then SEO to get your site up and running then this is the place to go. There are no rules and it is up to you what you get out, but all of the information you need is there. If you ever need something just ask one of the members, it is usually best to go with a recognized name, but many at your own level can be just as helpful. They see things from a perspective closer to your own.

      I hope that helps and I will be E mailing you to to ensure you see this response. Good luck and welcome if you do decide to join. Best Wishes for your every success in Online Marketing.

      Stephen J Parkin
      The Dressage Husband

  2. admin says:

    This is a letter from a 2 year member (Marcus, who teaches the Wealthy Affiliate promotions), it is an example not necessarily what you can do.


    The last 2 years have simply flown by for me at WA. I remember the day I joined VERY well as it was to be my last attempt at making this online dream happen. I’d made sales prior to joining, but nothing consistent. Joining WA was an opportunity for me to go back to school and learn from 2 of the best in the business – Kyle & Carson.

    It took me around 11 months of WA education to get my act together…it really should have been a lot quicker. Yeah, I guess I got lazy…maybe even expecting someone to wave a magic wand or something…WRONG! It wasn’t until I started taking action and worked at this like nothing I’ve EVER committed to before that the results started to come in.

    By the end of 2007 I’d built up a number of sites targeting specific niches. Initially I would use free methods of promotion until I had a clear idea of what keywords were working the best, and then I would translate those free campaigns into paid campaigns using PPC. That might not be the best way to approach your promotions, but it worked for me and it represented a way to build large campaigns in a safe and cost effective manner.

    Throughout 2008 my sites have continued to grow in size and so has my income. I pretty much have system in place that I apply to any niche that I promote to, and it’s simply a matter of letting things run and then acting on the results. Some work, and some DON’T, but that’s something you just have to accept in this game.

    My sites now generate over 5 figures every month, and that to me is an ASTONISHING amount of money (and I do sometimes have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming!) With a number of additional campaigns building up a head of steam, I’m aiming high and hoping to increase the income my sites generate to around $30,000 a month by the end of 2009.

    2 guides that DEFINITELY helped me crack the code over the last 2 years were Who Loves Money and Inside The List. I made a fair bit of fuss about WLM when it was first released as it gave me a whole new perspective on keywords. I used those ideas right away and have continued to do so ever since. As for Inside The List, I don’t know why I left it so late to get involved with email marketing but ITL put 30% on my income almost immediately and it’s probably my favourite marketing method. New members have a great head start by getting those guides free when joining or via the Accreditation courses.

    In addition to my niche sites, I also turned my attentions on the WA affiliate program at the end of 2007. I had a number of ideas banging around in my head and I was determined to bring people here to WA and help them succeed in the way I had. I ran some ideas by Kyle & Carson and eventually came up with a number of sites to help me promote WA in 2008. It didn’t take too long before I could see a method that was working well and I decided to share that with the community in my $1k WA Promotions post. Little did I know that just a short while later I would be in the AMAZING position of being qualified for the Vegas trip…in fact it STILL hasn’t sunk in!


    Writing this is really making me realise how far I’ve come in such a short space of time. I really hope that you view this post as inspirational in some way, and that you don’t think I’m in any way boasting about my income or success. I’m really not like that at all and I hope I haven’t offended anyone at a time when there’s such hardship around the world.

    Is there a BIG secret to making this work?

    Really, there isn’t. I convinced myself a couple of years ago that this was all one big con, but having done the A-Z I know it’s for real. Don’t ever think that this is going to happen for you without effort because it won’t. I’m living proof that the WA system works so the amount of effort you put in to making it happen for you will determine how successful you become.


    To EVERYONE here at WA because you all inspire me in some way. It can be something as simple as a new member expressing their hunger in the Introduction section of the forum, or one of my members sending me an email and telling me they’ve just made another sale. I just love it!

    Special thanks to Travis for bringing me here in the first place back in ’06…I owe you BIGTIME dude. Thad – you’ve given me more “aha” moments than any other member here at WA – Thank you!!

    And of course not forgetting…

    Kyle & Carson!!

    Where do I begin?? Thanks first of all for everything you provide for us here at WA, you guys really do have AMAZING vision. On a personal note, you have ALWAYS given me straight answers when I’ve asked you questions in the past and sometimes (alright, most of the time!) that’s what I’ve needed to hear. You both know what I’m all about, and you both know how to press my buttons! In 2 years I’ve paid you guys around $700 to be a member here, and in exchange you’ve shown me how to generate 6 figures per year. THANK YOU SOO MUCH!

    And F-I-N-A-L-L-Y…

    I couldn’t possibly sign off without mentioning an EXTREMELY special group of people…my members here at WA. Over the last year I have been VERY fortunate to make many new friends from all corners of the earth. You guys are my online family and I really do try my hardest to help you become successful online at WA. BIG love to ALL of you. I feel extremely privileged to be going on the Vegas trip, and to be in the presence of such powerful marketers like Kyle, Carson, Travis Sago, Thad Roe, and Ryan Moran will be an absolute honour. I PROMISE you that while I’m there I’m going to be working for you guys…I already have a plan of action, and you guys are going to have some VERY special goodies when I return. 😀

    So there you have it…that’s what WA has done for me in 2 years and there’s absolutely no reason why anyone else here can’t do the same. Stay focussed on your dream and remind yourself every day why you are here. Don’t allow yourself to get too distracted here at WA…you’re paying $40 a month to learn this trade from 2 of the best marketers in town – Kyle & Carson. NEVER forget that. If they can turn an average guy like me into a successful marketer, you really don’t have any excuses.

    The dream will only end if YOU allow it to.

    Thanks for reading,


    PS – If you intentionally joined WA through one of my sites and haven’t been in touch with me yet, send me a PM.”

    As you can see it is extremely possible to do very well at this with the right coaching and mind set.

    Stephen J Parkin
    The Dressage Husband

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