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The WA Bootcamp is a new concept in training for the aspiring Internet Marketer and is an integral part of Wealthy Affiliate. The course covers the marketing of Wealthy Affiliate and can be applied associate marketing products too.

These are two of the largest niche markets on the Internet.

1. Making Money as an Internet Marketer or Affiliate.

2. Weight Loss, which affects Males and Females equally.

I have recently completed an earlier WA course and it was high paced and hard work, but great fun to do. So what exactly does the Club entail? Well it is approximately a 30 day exercise led by Kyle who is one of the founders and if he is not present then Carson the other founder of WA also helps out. This is one of the best aspects of being a WA member. Tuition is provided by people who have done it all before, and not just some academic types that only know the theory!

The Club started and we had the following projects:-

Day 1 – Read the Choosing Domain Page within the WA Tutorial section, Buy a domain from GoDaddy.com, Change the DNS settings to WA host, Come up with 10 Internet Marketing related concepts and record them on paper.

Day 2 – Install your WordPress Express Site, Activate Plug ins, Set up the All in One SEO Plug-in for your site (read WA tutorial),  Set up an Email account for your domain in Plesk (read WA tutorial), Become familiar with WordPress admin area.

Day 3 – Create a list of 25 keywords, Write and create your “about me” page, Write and create your “home” page, Write and create your “faq” page, Write and create your “top product” page, Write and create your”blog” page and make it your blog roll within the Settings=>Reading page.

Day 4 – Create a page targeting a keyword, Create content for this page and exclude it from the menu, Read page in WA tutorial on article directories, Create an Ezine articles account, Create an Articlesbase account, Crete onemore account from list in the WA tutorial.

Day 5 – Break down one of your search terms into an article form (intro, idea 1, idea 2,  idea 3, idea 4, conclusion). Write an article targeting search term 1 (that should be relevant to page 1), Submit article 1 to either Ezine articles or articlesbase.com.

Day 6 – Day off and time to catch up!

Day 7 – Create one blog post (based on one of your 10 original concepts), Write an article targeting a keyword relevant to the blog post, submit the article to articlesbase.com.

Day 8 – Create a blog post on your site targeting a specific topic, Write 2 articles that are relevant to this page, Run the “1st Page approval test” on both articles, Submit one article to Ezine articles (link to new page from article), Submit one article to articlesbase.com (link to new page from article).

Day 9 – Post your accomplishments in the day 9 forum, Research and record 10 new keywords, write 2 articles that are relevant to existing pages on your website, Run the “1st page approval test” on both articles, submit one article to Ezine (link to page from the article), submit one article to articlesbase (link to page from article).

Day 10 – Write 2 articles based on your keywords from Day 9, submit the articles to either Ezine or articlesbase.

and so it went on. The point here is that there is no luck in Internet Marketing and no get rich fast. However there is a lot of fairly easy work that is repetitive, but at the same time interesting. What we are doing is setting up signposts to direct people to our site. The course covers Back links, Social bookmarking, Google searching for sites that allow comments and therefore back links, how to approach this ethically, backing up your site, Adsense and other advertisers and getting accounts, adding screen captures, work ethics.

All in all the course was terrific value and best of all if you apply and are accepted it is FREE for WA members. WA are offering two levels of membership Starter which is FREE and Premium for $47 per month. I have Premium as Starter is a little restrictive, but I suggest you try before you buy it is great value and you can join at Wealthy Affiliate.

2 comments on “WA Clubs
  1. Don Monteith says:

    Hello…. tell me about your success with the WAU plan. Are you getting new sign ups on the WAU website and new members?

    Best regards,


    • Stephen Parkin says:

      It is simply the best product for new and struggling Internet Marketers. If you apply for it soon there is a one month trial for just $1, but I suggest you try it for at least a year to get the optimum results. I have made thousands so far part time. I wish you every success whatever you decide.

      The offer is now to try WA for free using their site Rubix subdomains you can build sites totally for free, but you do not get access to the video training with the free offer.

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